Wolfland Group is comprised of two sister companies with a strong set of values and ethics.

We embrace the concept of The New Agenda together with The True Purpose of A Company – as expressed by the American Roundtable of Business, in that we strongly believe that businesses don’t perform to their full potential unless they look after their customers properly, and value and invest in their staff.

We earnestly believe in playing a full part in the community and, where possible, ensuring we give back to that community and support charitable entities.

We aim to:

  • make green energy, and all it’s benefits, available to all – not just for those wealthy enough to afford expensive technologies.
  • build the funding lines for social energy projects. To enable the technology and teams to deliver the key projects to make green energy available to council estates and housing associations.
  • help massively reduce our customers carbon footprint as quickly as possible. We are green to our core and believe we need urgent action for ourselves, our children and for generations to come
  • to support charitable entities, especially for our veteran community, our NHS Heroes and Blue Light charities.
  • be leaders in promoting charity affinity programs helping those in need the most. Such programs have never been more necessary since we’ve realised the effects of Covid-19 on the UK economy and the costs of Brexit on our communities.
  • support community initiatives where we can help local communities by providing difficult to afford items for their schools. We see this very much as the centre of community spirit.

We are focused on generating long-term value for all stakeholders and addressing the challenges we all face; we believe this will result in shared prosperity and sustainability for both business and the wider society.

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