Wolfland Group is a collaboration of two complementary companies – Wolfland Renewables and Wolfland Utilities.

Wolfland Renewables: our teams have a rich history of both designing and building Green/Renewable Energy solutions and a core competency in meeting the needs of commercials, central and local government customers.  .

We provide everything from the initial project assessment, through commissioning, management, installation and connection for our customers. We use leading edge solar/wind-hybrid technologies – linked to high capacity storage batteries and invertors that power houses, offices, shops, workshops and other buildings. The excess is exported to the National Grid.

We also deliver LED lighting projects, together with the funding for such projects. We assess buildings, provide a written report on existing consumption, order and install the LED lighting and then fund the whole cost over a short term period (24-36 month term) that would give a full ROI within that timeframe.

Additionally, Wolfland Renewables provide Combined Heat & Power (CH&P) together with ground heat pumps that help drive down carbon consumption and save money.

We are unique in that we provide the funding for projects – usually the biggest stumbling block to any infrastructure projects, and then commission and deliver the solution all from the same source, before providing the billing to the end user.

All of our projects run on clear key performance indicators (KPI’s) married to return on investment (ROI) statements, which can be measured, and substantially reduce both carbon consumption and costs at the same time.

We operate in and are specialists in a wide variety of markets although we are always looking to broaden our portfolio. If you are interested in reducing your carbon consumption and saving money on your electricity spend, please go to our contact page and share your details with us.
We will contact you promptly and arrange an initial conversation and a no-commitment visit to demonstrate how we can help deliver Green, Clean, Cheaper energy.

Wolfland Utilities: provide two key functions.

  • It provides the billing and financial services to all of our customers to invoicing them for the electricity they consume from such installations.
  • It owns the relationships to all of our key charity partners, and runs the engine to drive funding for those charities.

We have developed the UK’s leading-edge Charity funding platform. Through that platform, we engage with our charity partners to offer their supporters, families, employees, patients, service workers, volunteers and sponsors, packages to cut their household costs. Those supporters become members and benefit from reductions on utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Dual Fuel, and on Home and Content Insurance and much more. In return, our supplier partners pay introduction commissions to Wolfland; our charity partners benefit by the large percentage of those commission which we share and donate directly to them. Importantly, members get to chose which of their favourite charities they’d like us to donate to.

Our aim is to cut costs for millions of households, donate tens of millions of pounds to your favourite charity and provide them with desperately needed funding in a unique and socially responsible way. All of this at a time when annual budgets for charities are under strain like never before, and at a point when the affects of Covid-19 is yet to hit those hard pressed budgets.

These cost reduction services are available to both commercial and residential clients.

Please help us help your favourite charity! Contact us via our contact page