Wolfland operate within a wide variety of markets but have a specific core competency in:

  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • Schools
  • Golf Courses
  • Private & Council Housing: Positive Green Estates
  • Private Businesses

Our services break down in to four general services: Hybrid Solar/Wind electricity generation solutions, LED lighting projects, Ground Heat Pumps, and Combined Heat & Power (CH&P) services.

As a couple of examples of those services:

  • We are UK leaders in commissioning, supplying, installing, and billing (via PPA agreements) of industry leading-edge Hybrid Solar and Wind power generation solutions installed on offices, workshops, buildings and homes.

Typically, we would conduct a review of the power consumption of the building, the co2 output and the monthly electricity bill.  We would then produce a report containing the current facts, a statement of the technical hardware needed to produce the power for the building, including a forecast statement of KPI’s for the project.  Once agreed Wolfland would deliver and install the project with zero up front CapEx costs – the whole project would be paid for by individual PPA agreements for each project.

  • For LED Lighting Projects we can conduct reviews of specific offices, analyse the current consumption of power from the existing lighting in place, produce a forecast statement of reduced carbon consumption by switching to LED lighting – together with the additional benefits to in-office users from better lighting. We’d marry this up to an ROI statement of how long it will take for such a project to pay for itself – which is usually 24-36 months, and how switching to LED will save money, and then provide the low-cost funding to actually do the project. It becomes a no-brainer

For LED projects:

  • We do ALL the hard work
  • We can show instant reduction in carbon consumption
  • We show how to save money
  • We provide the finance so there is no CapEx
  • ROI is, usually, within 24-36 months.

Central Government: we work very well with both Central Government offices and bodies where we provide cleaner, greener energy solutions, reduce carbon consumption and save money.  We also provide the key funds that are often unavailable and facilitate projects on agreed ROI statements.

As an example: we can work with the MoD, DeFRA. HMRC, Prison Service, etc.  We could provide hybrid solar/wind powered solutions installed on the roof of, say, a building at an RAF or Army base – that would harvest power from high performance solar panels working in tandem with wind powered generators and provide an alternative to existing fossil fuels being used. Such an install would give clean, green power production every day of the year and the MoD would then reduce its carbon consumption and save money.

Again, we’d fund the projects against agreed ROI’s and on a Power Purchase Agreement. As a partner, Wolfland would use part of our profits to help fund Veteran’s charities and give back to our communities.

Local Government: we have existing relationships with a number local/city councils where we are discussing programs of work for both Hybrid Power solution and LED Lighting projects on a wide variety offices and buildings, together with looking to provide solutions on new and refit council housing.  One of the key reasons for our success in Local Government projects is that we also provide the key funds that are often unavailable and facilitate such projects, and on agreed ROI statements.

Schools: Wolfland work with a variety of schools across the country – both to conduct LED projects in classrooms and school offices, and to install hybrid solar-wind power solutions to provide clean, green carbon-free power that would eradicate the schools carbon foot print.

Again, we’d produce the initial plan, agree the key performance indicators and ROI, provide the funding and do the install.  A truly one-stop-shop for green, clean energy in our schools and for our children and grand-children.

Please see our dedicated Schools Energy Efficiency Program page.

Housing Estates: Wolfland Group are proud to introduce the concept of Positive Green Estates – in installing hybrid solar and wind solutions for all houses on an estate, whether they be private new housing estates or a council estate being refreshed, and link all of the houses on such estates together and to generate their entire power needs.  We are committed to bringing the very latest, leading edge renewable technologies delivering cleaner, greener, and cheaper electricity to those who need it most.  As with all projects, we do everything – including the design, commissioning, and delivery – funding would be achieved via a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

We can conduct exactly the same form of projects in a wide variety of locations including, but definitely not limited to, prisons, offices, shops, railway buildings and many more.

If after reading this page, you’d like to know if we can provide a solution like this for you please click on our contact page, send us your details together with a description of your location and we’ll contact you as quickly as possible.