Wolfland Group work at the leading edge of Clean, Green Energy technologies. Our product range includes, but is not limited to:

Hybrid Solar/Wind Turbines:

Wolfland Group are pleased to provide the very best in this leading-edge technology.  As a company we can commission hybrid power projects that investigate the necessary power of a given building. We then design the hybrid solution, provide the funding under a PPA, and install and connect high production clean, green energy systems.

How it works:
The main problem with solar arrays is that, during the late autumn, winter and early spring – traditional solar solutions struggle with efficiency.  Hybrid systems combine the best in modern solar panels, linked to wind power turbines that straddle the roof of any building.  As the wind hits the roof of the building, it accelerates as it diverts up the pitch of the roof reaching approximately three-times actual windspeed and driving the turbine at the apex of the roof.


This allows our hybrid systems to produce power almost 24×7 and 365 days of the year.  Wolfland typically provide hybrid solutions linked to in-building, high-storage batteries to ensure that power that is generated off-peak (usually overnight) can be available throughout the day and so ensure high efficiency.

UK Weather:
As an island nation, the UK is a perfect location for using hybrid solar-wind powered solutions.  The following average wind/sunlight graph shows, this solution can provide a true alternative to fossil-based fuels as it can sustain near constant power production.


The following graphs show how solar production compliments the wind turbine generation throughout the year and eradicates any shortfall occuring from the sole use of solar panels.

Unlike massive wind turbines that can’t be used in high wind or stormy conditions, our hybrid systems can be used in any weather.  They cost a fraction of the £3-4m each turbine costs in a windfarm and do not require planning permission.

Wolfland can provide these solutions on a fully funded PPA without a penny of CapEx as an upfront cost.

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LED Lighting:

LED lighting solutions are fast replacing traditional, uneconomical and inefficient lighting systems.

Tests show that LED lighting provides better quality lighting for you and your co-workers, can be supplied in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and tones and can be 65-70% more efficient than conventional lighting.  This can help not only reduce your electricity bill, but will also reduce your carbon footprint.

The latest LED lights last a lot longer than conventional bulbs – many with long term warranties, so reducing your maintenance costs.  We can also supply LED solutions fitted out with motion sensors to automatically turn on/off individual units, areas or floors and, in doing so reduce costs and carbon consumption even further.

Wolfland are unique in that we can fully fund all LED projects, which usually provide a complete ROI within 2-3 years.

To find our more or to request an obligation free assessment for your business please share your details via our contact page. We can visit you to carry out an assessment of your consumption and show how using LED solutions can benefit you.

Solar Arrays:

Solar Power is constantly evolving and offers an excellent alternative to fossil-based fuels or buying energy from a traditional utility provider. The latest solar panels offer double-sided arrays where the underside picks up reflected light from the roof and gives even greater efficiency.

It is quite normal today for solar arrays to realise a true return on investment (ROI) and for the project to pay for itself over around 10 years, together with significantly reducing your carbon footprint.  Most of the ROI is realised in the form of lower electricity bills – particularly between the months of late April and October, when sunlight in the UK is at its highest.

Tests also show that more on-building generated power from solar arrays is used from such installations compared with how much power is leaked through the national grid distribution.

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Wolfland Utilities

The consequence of using Wolfland renewable products has a direct effect on energy consumption, and greatly reduces dependency on Electricity from the grid. Wolfland Utilities specialise in the analysis of your power consumption, creating efficiencies and exploring avenues to reduce costs. Some of the other areas we specialise in are Mobile Phones, Broadband, Water charges, Merchant Card Services and Insurance. If you would like a free no obligation analysis of your bills in any of these areas, please share your details via our contacts page.