The Smart Green Future Project

Saving your school money, reducing your carbon footprint and with no upfront costs…

Wolfland Group are pleased to share with you an exciting new program that could help your school make a big dent in your energy costs, to be greener and reduce its carbon footprint. We are offering a broad range of energy efficiency measures to you with no upfront costs.

Our Schools Energy Efficiency Scheme will:

  • Enable fully funded energy efficiency projects, including
    • LED Lighting
      • Including in-room occupancy sensors to vastly reduce consumption
    • Solar and Hybrid Solar/Wind arrays
    • Combined Heat & Power (CH&P)
    • Ground and Air Sourced Heat Pumps
    • Energy Wraps
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Provide better lighting conditions for students
    • Improve learning environments
    • The quality of lighting from LED is far better than fluorescent lighting often found in many schools, flicker-free and with low glare ratings
    • This creates a far better environment for students to study in and protects the sight of our children.
  • Lower carbon footprints

If you sign up to our energy program, we will:

  • audit your school for potential energy savings
  • produce a report on which initiatives are right for your school
  • these will include KPI statements and ROI calculations
  • manage the procurement, installation works and provide the funding for the whole project

Your energy efficiency measures will be paid for using funding provided by our banking partners, and which are then repaid using the cost savings from your reduced energy usage and running costs over a pre-agreed timeline.

Loan periods will vary depending on the size and type of project, for example:

  • LED Lighting projects usually have a repayment period of a maximum of 3-to-4 years
  • Larger projects, such as solar and hybrid power arrays, are provided on long-term PPA agreements

(PPA = Power Purchase Agreements)

Once your loan is paid off, you’ll have an increased budget to spend on improving school resources and be a far greener school.

This is a great opportunity for the leaders of all schools to make meaningful improvements to school buildings and infrastructure whilst protecting budgets for the future and contributing to becoming carbon neutral.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is this a PFI type arrangement…??
    • No. PFI is usually a public-private agreement where private companies manage public projects and where such projects are very complex, often outgrow the original project statement and attract additional and expensive costs.
    • The projects in question in our programs are simple and contained in the initial project scope, have clear KPI’s and transparent finance statements that carry positive return on investment reports.
  • Is funding ringfenced on these projects…??
    • Yes. Funding is committed on individual projects and provided on a project-by-project basis.
    • Funding is not cross collateralised on lighting projects.
  • What happens if Government Policy Changes…??
    • We are a private business and our funding comes from commercial banks committed to ethical and green lending.
    • While we operate within the structures set down by the Government, we cannot mitigate any future changes in the law.
    • If Government grants become available, we can apply for these on your behalf.
  • What happens after the project is delivered…??
    • Wolfland will continue to work with your school to monitor progress and to ensure that projected savings are delivered throughout the life of any agreement.
    • We’ll also look to investigate other savings and carbon reduction initiatives and report these to you.
  • What happens if we don’t make projected savings…??
    • Wolfland will conduct further surveys and investigations to discover why projected savings have not been achieved
    • We will produce a detailed report on our discovery together with a statement of action to rectify the situation.
    • If it is found that we are at fault we will remedy the situation at our cost.
    • We have never failed to deliver or surpass the stated savings in our surveys, with clients. On the few occasions that the figures were brought into question, either new equipment, longer hours of operation or electricity rate increases have been the cause.

Coming soon! How you can help us help you fund your School…

Wolfland Group are currently working with several of the UK’s largest charities. We have developed the UK’s leading-edge Charity funding platform, where we engage with our charity partners to offer their supporters, families and friends, employees, patients, service workers, volunteers and sponsors, packages to cut their household costs.

In early 2021 we’ll be tuning that platform to work with the supporters, families and employees of schools like yours, so that they can benefit from reductions on utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Dual Fuel, and on Home and Content Insurance and much more. In return, our supplier partners pay introduction commissions to Wolfland; we then share those funds directly with your school who can use such sums to fund projects such as free school meals, computer hardware, playground equipment, etc.  The choice is entirely theirs and without restrictions.

Our aim is to cut costs for millions of households, donate tens of millions of pounds to schools across the UK and provide them with urgently needed funding in a unique and socially responsible way. All of this at a time when annual budgets for schools are under strain like never before, and at a point when the effects of Covid-19 will hit those hard pressed the worst.

If you’d like to know more and if we can help your school please click on our contact page, send us your details together with a description of your address and postcode and we’ll contact you as quickly as possible.